Ellis Brigham’s Spring Adventure Talks

Ellis Brigham’s Spring Adventure Talks

Join Ellis Brigham this spring for three talks that will leave you feeling inspired and eager to get outside!

Life on the Edge
Neil Gresham  in association with Sherpa

Manchester | London

Sherpa Athlete Neil Gresham is one of the world’s best-known all rounder climbers. In the UK he made the third ascent of Indian Face (E9 6c) in 1995 and the second ascent of Equilibrium (E10 7a) in 2001, both which were the hardest traditional routes in the world at the time. In this exciting, action packed slideshow, Neil will bring us up to date with some of his most recent challenges and provide an insight into his life of climbing adventure.

Tickets £8 with all proceeds going to Paldorje Education Fund

Wednesday March 11th – Manchester  7.00pm
Wednesday 18th  March – Covent Garden 8.00pm

Big Rock, Bigger Hills
Calum Muskett in association with RAB

London | Bristol | Manchester

Calum Muskett recounts his journey from the crags of North Wales to some of the most revered mountains and big walls in the world. The progression wasn’t always a smooth one with daft and cringe worthy moments such as leaving the car keys five pitches up one of the most difficult routes in the Dolomites. Now 21, Calum feels like he is beginning to get the hang of climbing but remains unsure if wisdom really does come with age.

Tickets £8

Monday 23rd March – Covent Garden 8pm
Wednesday  25th March – Bristol 7.30pm
Thursday  26th March – Manchester 7.00pm

The Road & The Sky
Emily Chappell in association with Osprey

London |Bristol| Manchester | Cambridge

From London cycle courier to adventurer Emily Chappell has discovered a world that exists outside of Zone 1.  She’s passionate about her bike and it is this passion that has taken her across the world and most recently to Alaska to ride across the snow in the middle of winter.  This talk is a must for bike heads, adventurers and anyone who just wants to be inspired!

Tickets £8

Tuesday 14th April – Covent Garden 8.00pm
Wednesday  15th April – Bristol 7.30pm
Thursday  16th April – Manchester 7.00pm
Wednesday 22nd April – Cambridge 7.00pm

For more information and to book visit: www.ellis-brigham.com/events

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