KEEN & Respect the Mountains Embark on new Adventure

KEEN & Respect the Mountains Embark on new Adventure

The UIAA, the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, is delighted to announce the extension of its activities in mountain preservation through the recent addition of the Respect the Mountains campaign.

Over the past decade, Respect the Mountains has acted as a guardian of the mountain world raising awareness through the practice of seven cardinal rules: book smart; travel wise; support sustainable practices; be a respectful and responsible mountain tourist; ‘leave no trace’; reduce, reuse, recycle & upcycle (RRRU) and spread the word.

The UIAA is proud to inherit this significant challenge aimed at ensuring greater sustainability in the mountain tourism industry. Respecting the needs and wishes of mountain communities will continue to be a core component of the project in parallel with research, innovation and educating young people about preservation to ensure mountains continue to captivate future generations. As part of its strategy for the future the UIAA will organise educational projects during the ski season and clean-up events in the summer months.

“Adding Respect the Mountains to our range of activities is a significant step,” explained UIAA President Frits Vrijlandt. “The project will be aligned to our long-established commitment to mountain protection. We actively encourage our member federations to organise Respect the Mountains initiatives in their respective territories.”

Respect the Mountains has worked tirelessly to promote sustainable mountain tourism both by encouraging supporters to raise donations and through recruiting a global network of volunteers. On a practical level they have spearheaded the Envirotrek CleanUp series dedicated to collecting litter from mountain and nature areas across Europe. These grass roots mountain clean up events have been held across various European Mountain destinations since 2009, with the UK hosting events in Snowdonia and in the Lake and Peak Districts in recent years. The 2016 program of activity will be announced over the coming months.

The UIAA will be supported in this venture by outdoor footwear brand KEEN, specialists in sandals and hiking shoes, and long-term supporter of the project. Since its creation in 2003, KEEN has been an active supporter of good causes working with non-profit organisations around the world building stronger communities and a healthier planet and actively working to inspire responsible outdoor participation and land and water conservation.

Perry Laukens, KEEN Marketing Director EMEA, commented: “KEEN is excited about the new direction of Respect the Mountains and we hope that with the help of the UIAA we can help raise the voice of Respect the Mountains to make sure that more people keep our playgrounds clean and learn about the seven ways to reduce our impact, whilst building a sustainable future.”

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